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Types of Workplace Accidents

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Accidents at work can cause serious injuries, permanent disability, and even death. If you were injured in an on-the-job accident, or a loved one was killed at work, Cooper Law Group is here to help. We represent clients injured in all types of accidents throughout Milwaukee County and will use diligent preparation to build your case.

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Common Types of Work-Related Accidents

Accidents can happen in any industry. However, some industries are more prone to work-related accidents than others. Employers are responsible to provide a reasonably safe and comfortable working environment. Even so, some industries are inherently dangerous. If you were injured at work, you have the right to pursue workers’ comp benefits.

Workers in the following industries are at particularly high risk for accidents:

  • Construction – Construction sites are dangerous places. Being crushed in between objects, falling from heights, and being struck by falling objects causes thousands of injuries and deaths each year in the construction industry.
  • Manufacturing – Some of the most common injuries sustained in manufacturing accidents include burns, back injuries, and broken bones. Workers may also suffer lacerations, bruises, muscle sprains and strains, and fractures due to handling products and machinery.
  • Healthcare – Caring for patients puts healthcare workers at increased risk for accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Repetitive stress injuries, such as back strain, shoulder injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neck injuries, are particularly common among healthcare workers.
  • Transportation – Workers in the transportation industry may be injured in motor vehicle accidents, falls, and other types of accidents. Motor vehicle accidents can lead to severe trauma, such as paralysis, lacerations, internal hemorrhaging, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns, and other types of injuries.

Whether you work in one of these industries, or you have a different occupation, workers’ compensation benefits can provide financial relief. You may be able to receive payments for medical expenses, lost wages, vocational retraining, and other injury-related costs, depending on the situation. Our Milwaukee workers’ compensation lawyer will evaluate your case and represent you from start to finish.

Fatal Accidents at Work

In some situations, work-related accidents are fatal. If an employee dies at work, the law provides workers’ comp benefits to certain family members. These benefits include up to 4 years of the deceased worker’s salary, as well as funeral expenses. In order to qualify for these benefits, the employee must have been killed in a work-related incident or by an occupational disease. Our workers' compensation attorney in Milwaukee can explain the law as it pertains to your situation.

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At Cooper Law Group, we have extensive experience representing injured workers in Wisconsin. Our Milwaukee workers’ comp attorney will analyze your situation and gather evidence to support your claim. Throughout the legal process, we will communicate honestly with you and help you make informed decisions regarding your case.

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